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Lift Complex DS, JSC developed original software for proper operation of the LMDS. The software is free

Using personal computer with appropriate software installed has the following advantages:

  • presenting data on the screen in a convenient form of graphic elements;
  • processing, logging and storing incoming information;
  • logging information in event journal with calendar date, time and elevator identifier;
  • recording operator's speaking on the PC hard drive with further playback ability (audio cable required);
  • generating reports;
  • printing out reports (printer required);
  • exporting event log to CSV format;
  • identifying number of service key installed in LU;
  • counting statistics on operation of elevator drives;
  • updating equipment microcodes.

PC system requirements basically depend on operating system (Windows XP professional, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 ). The LMDS program requires sound card and active speakers.

LKDSProEn.msi v4.7.2 Software for Lift Monitoring and Diagnostics System (LMDS) (Win XP,Win Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10) 27.03.2017       download (23 mb)
SPultENDst.msi v4.7.2 Client application of client-server solutions of LMDS 27.03.2017 download (14 mb)
MPultProLIT.rar v4.7.2 Support lithuanian language for module MPultPro. 25.10.2016    download (30 kb)
MPultProITA.rar v4.7.2 Support italian language for module MPultPro. 25.10.2016    download (30 kb)
Driver USB-CM3 For LU built in CM3 (version 1.4.0.) 30.06.2015 download(3mb)