About us

About us

The company is founded in 1998.

The main activity of the company leads to development and manufacturing of the Lift monitoring and diagnostics system-the universal servicing facility.

The newest developments and competitive price policy allowed the company to enter the industry leaders.

The equipment manufactured by the company is constantly being improved. Solutions developed by our engineers are ahead of time, raising lift monitoring to a new level.

OOO "Lift-Complex DS" was founded as a manufacturer of safety devices for elevators. Since then the company has grown to become one of the leaders in the lift monitoring & diagnostics market of Russia. The core business is based on production of the Lift monitoring & diagnostics system. The number of installations of this universal monitoring facility exceeded 450 000 copies worldwide.

The Lift monitoring & diagnostics system complies European norms of safety which is confirmed by TUV Certificate. Our system of quality is confirmed by ISO9001 Certificate.

Both the hardware and the software created by the company meet all the requirements of elevator industry as well as of our customers and in some aspects even move far ahead.

Lift-Complex DS, OOO offers its customers complete solutions that best meet their needs and make their businesses succeed.

Lift monitoring &
diagnostics system

Lift monitoring & diagnostics system (LMDS) is designed for solving two tasks:

  1. Getting information on elevator’s behavior
  2. Voice communication to comply EN81-28:2018

Having interfaces to all relay and microprocessor elevators the system sends information in real time to the data storage (Cloud) via Internet. Information from the elevator allows a maintenance service provider make a jump to preventive maintenance and do away with unexpected/unnecessary maintenance visits on site. Reports generated with the use of this data make service provider’s business transparent and clear for the owner.

Voice communication system allows not only meet the demands of European norms of safety, but make maintenance process more convenient.

Needless to say, all this makes elevators safe, reliable and comfortable. Solving both of tasks above results in save money of the owner and provides maintenance in smarter and more exciting ways.

Using new technologies we can predict and act before breakdowns, and keep our technicians one step ahead of what’s happening. The result: fewer faults, faster repairs and higher availability.

The Lift monitoring & diagnostics system is certified by TUV:


EN 81-20: 2014


EN 81-28:2018+AC:2019


EN 627:1995


EN 81-72:2015


EN 81-70:2018