Lift unit v7.2

Lift unit v7.2

The main device of the Lift monitoring & diagnostics system, small and intelligent, ideally designed to be fixed inside the elevator control cabinet, provides Serial bus connection to the elevator controller.

The part of the voice communication system for installation on top of cabin. Integrated speaker, microphone, CALL button and SD card.

Supports digital voice communication with:

  • Control center
  • Cabin
  • Top of cabin
  • Machine room/Control cabinet
  • PIT.

CALL button initiate/redirect calls. SD card is to store media content files for playback inside the cabin. Communication with the Lift unit can be established with the use of digital bus, Wi-Fi or both. Switching between Wi-Fi and digital bus makes no audio interruption. Quick installation by using the included cable with connectors, holder and buckles. One more Intercom unit (optional) can be installed in PIT. The device has special pins to manage alarm call button as well as yellow and green pictograms and fulfills the requirements of EN81-28 and EN81-70. An integrated battery ensures continued operation in the event of power outage.


Weight , (kg)


Dimensions , (mm)

63 x29 x 20


230VAC, 1A